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  Category : Cleaver / Stripper :   Ericsson : CN Nettest /York PK Technology FK12-STD Angled Cleaver FK-12 (FK12 FK12-STD)


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CN Nettest /York PK Technology FK12-STD Angled Cleaver FK-12   (FK12 FK12-STD)

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Model #: FK12 FK12-STD
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Mfg. Part# FK12 FK12-STD
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List Price $2,900.00
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CN Nettest /York PK Technology FK12-STD Angled Cleaver FK-12   (FK12 FK12-STD)

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Product Overview

    The FK12 Angled Fiber Cleaver sets the standard for low reflectance fiber termination of better than -60dB. Fast and repeatable cleaving of fiber ends at user-selectable cleave angles (0 to 15) make it possible for installer to reduce the reflectance of mechanical splices and other fiber termination without the use of index matching gels.

    The FK 12 cleavers are simply the best cleavers in the world. Using an ultrasonic cleaving method, the cleavers provide accurate cleaves of fibers in preparation for fusion splicing or termination. With a wide variety of fiber diameters and types, the FK 12 series meets every cleaving application. Whether fusion splicing in the field or connectorizing in the lab, the FK series cleaves are fast and easy to use. The accuracy enhances system and component performance and maximizes efficiency by eliminating the need to continuously re-cleave fibers to obtain the desired results. Additionally, the FK 12 cleaver allows the user to cleave the fiber from 0 to 15 for specific applications where a low reflectance is required, such as the industry standard 8 angled polish.

    FK12: For Angle Cleaves (0 to 15)


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