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  Type Item# Item Desc Mfg. Part# Unit Price Add To Cart
  New Open Box FCSA01 Battery For Ericsson Fusion Splicer Contact Sales
  Used FCS653 CN Nettest /York PK Technology FK12-STD Angled Cleaver FK-12 FK12 FK12-STD $2,900.00
  Used FCSA83 Electrodes For Ericsson FSU 925 975 995 Fusion Splicer 925 975 995 Contact Sales
  New FCSA37 Electrodes For Ericsson Fusion Splicer (FSU Series & RSU Series) Electrodes Contact Sales
  New FCSA02 Ericsson 160um - 250um Fiber Holder 160-250um $250.00
  New FCSA39 Ericsson 250um Fiber Holder 250um $285.00
  New FCSA40 Ericsson 400um Fiber Holder 400um $285.00
  New FCSA41 Ericsson 900um Fiber Holder 900um Contact Sales
  Used FCSA43 Ericsson EFC4 Fiber Cleaver EFC-4 Contact Sales
  New FCSA45 Ericsson Fiber Holder 1P Contact Sales
  New FCSA46 Ericsson Fiber Holder 1S Contact Sales
  New FCSA47 Ericsson Fiber Holder 4R Contact Sales
  New FCSA06 Ericsson Fiber Holder 8R 42SM049R1/50R1 Contact Sales
  Used FCSA49 Ericsson Fiber Holder Block for EFC 11 Cleaver Holder Contact Sales
  New FCSA82 Heat Oven 41ST007R1B For Ericsson 995PM/995/975/925 Fusion Splicer 41ST007R1B Contact Sales
  New 3966 Heat Oven 41ST007R1E For Ericsson 995PM/995/975/925 Fusion Splicer 41ST007R1E Contact Sales
  Used 3975 York PK Technology FK11-6 FK11-6C Fiber Cleaver FK116 $1,250.00
  Used EFC11-4 York PK Technology FK11/Ericsson EFC11 Fiber Cleaver (FK11,EFC11,EFC11-PM,FK11STD,FK11LDF) FK-11 EFC-11 FK11-STD FK11-LDF $890.00
    showing 1 - 18 of 18  
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