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Agilent HP Newport

Newport 1830C with 818 IR Optical Head and 818FA2 (1830C)
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Newport 4832C Multi-Channel Optical Power Meter (4832-C)
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Type Item# Item Desc Mfg. Part# Unit Price Add To Cart
Used 42207 Advantest Q8221 Optical Multi Power Meter Q8221 $.00
Used 42261 Exfo BRT-320A Back Refection Meter BRT-320A $650.00
Used 42098 EXFO FIBEROPTIC POWER METER FOT-120A 850nm 1300nm 1550nm FOT-120A $179.00
Used 41911 EXFO FOT-42X Tester Optical Power Meter FOT-42X $.00
Used 42103 EXFO FOT-920 Maxtester Automated Loss Test Set / Power Meter FOT-920 $279.00
Used 41906 EXFO Optical Power Meter FOT-22A FOT-22AX FOT-20A FOT-12AX FOT-12A FOT-10A FOT-22AX $175.00
Used 41916 EXFO Optical Power Meter FOT-90A FOT-922X FOT-40 $175.00
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Agilent HP
Type Item# Item Desc Mfg. Part# Unit Price Add To Cart
Used 3819 Agilent HP 81632B Power Sensor Module 81632B $1,350.00
Used TSM201 keysight Agilent HP 81633A Optical Power Sensor Module 81633A $1,450.00
Used PM438 keysight Agilent 81637B Fast Power Sensor Module 81637B Contact Sales
Used TSM120 keysight Agilent HP 81520A Optical Head 81520A $1,750.00
Used PM146 keysight Agilent HP 81533B Interface Module 81533B $985.00
Used 31404 keysight Agilent HP 8153A + 81531A Power Sensor Module 8153A + 81531A Contact Sales
Used 31410 keysight Agilent HP 8153a + 81532A Power Sensor Module 8153a + 81532A Contact Sales
Used TSM125 keysight Agilent HP 8153A Lightwave Multimeter Mainframe 8153A $750.00
Used PM113 keysight Agilent HP 81628B Optical Head 81628B Contact Sales
Used PM147 keysight Agilent HP 81634B Optical Power Sensor Module 81634B $4,550.00
Used PM06 keysight Agilent HP 81635A Optical Power Sensor Module 81635A $3,950.00
Used 3997 keysight Agilent/HP 8153A+81533B+81521B+Adapter (Customize) 8153A+81533B+81521B Contact Sales
Used 42213 Keysight HP 8152A OPTICAL AVERAGE POWER METER 8152A $.00
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Type Item# Item Desc Mfg. Part# Unit Price Add To Cart
Used 4021 Newport 819-IS-2 Integrating Sphere 819IS2 Contact Sales
Used PM92 Newport 1830C with 818 IR Optical Head and 818FA2 1830C Contact Sales
Used PM38 Newport 1830C with 818-IR/CM Optical Power Meter 1830-C $1,150.00
Used PM39 Newport 1835C Multi Function Optical Power Meter 1835-C $1,350.00
Used PM12 Newport 2832C Dual-Channel High-Precision Optical Power Meter 2832-C $1,995.00
Used PM40 Newport 2835C High-Performance Optical Meters 2835-C $1,995.00
Used PM100 Newport 4832C Multi-Channel Optical Power Meter 4832-C Contact Sales
Used 33709 Newport 818-F-IR Dector the the same as 818IR/CM(818-IR/CM) Contact Sales
Used PM48 Newport 818-IR Optical Head / Calibration Module / 883-IR OD3 Filter 818-IR Contact Sales
Used 31050 Newport 818-SL Optical Head Newport 818-SL $.00
Used 31640 Newport 818-UV/CM Optical Head 818-UV/CM Contact Sales
Used PM46 Newport 818IG Optical Head (Cal. module not included) 818-IG Contact Sales
Used PM78 Newport 818IG Optical Head with Cal. Module 818-IG Contact Sales
Used PM47 Newport 818IR/CM Optical Head 818-IR/CM Contact Sales
Used 31174 Newport 818T-30 High-Power Detectors 818T30 Contact Sales
Used TSM181 Newport 819SIS4 Integrating Sphere 819S-IS-4 Contact Sales
Used 29907 Newport 840-C Handheld Power Meter 840C Contact Sales
Used 33693 Newport The 1936-C Single-Channel High Performance Optical Power Meter 1936C 1936-C $1,850.00
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